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Term Paper Assignment

Paper is due Monday, November 10.

Section I of the paper, worth 70 of the 100 points, will include the following:

    1. a description of the behavior you want to stop or start
    2. the goals you are establishing regarding this behavior
    3. a description of the strategy/treatment plan that you are going to implement. 
    4. an explanation of why you have chosen the particular learning theory(s) and how you anticipate applying it to your situation.
    5. 4-5 pages in length

Implement your treatment plan for one week.

Section II, written after implementing treatment, will include the following:
    1. A summary of the implementation (Did it go according to the plan? Were there unanticipated obstacles?).
    2. Your results, including whether goals were met, what adjustments to make, and what was learned from the process.
    3. 2-3 pages in length

Additional requirements:
    1. The paper should follow APA format and cite a minimum of five sources.
    2. Total length should be 6-7 pages, not including references.
    3. The paper must be uploaded to the ePortfolio for psychology majors.

The grade is based on the content of the treatment plan and what was learned from the process rather than on whether or not there was success in stopping or starting the behavior. Take this opportunity to apply an honest application of these principles to a needed area of life.

Formatting requirements (APA Manual)
Cover page (pp. 296-298)
    Page number, beginning with 1 on the top and right of the cover page
    Page header (next to page number, half inch to the left)
    No running head needed for this assignment (will not be submitted for publication)
    Title in upper and lowercase letters, centered, positioned in the upper half of the page (If 2+ lines, double-space between lines)
    Full name with middle initial one double-spaced line below the title, centered
    Institutional affiliation, “Oral Roberts University,” one double-spaced line below the name, centered.
    There will be no abstract.

Text (pp. 298-299)
    Title centered at top of first page, upper and lowercase
    Begin immediately with “Section I” heading, centered, upper and lowercase (pp. 289-290, “Three Levels”)
        Sub sections will be flush left, italicized, and upper and lowercase.
        Subsections will include: Presenting Problem, Goals, Treatment Plan, and Theoretical Perspective
    After Section I content, move to “Section II” heading, centered, upper and lower case
        Sub sections will be flush left, italicized, and upper and lowercase.
        Subsections will include: Summary of Implementation and Results and Conclusions
    Pages should continue with numbering, and all will have a page header.

References (p. 299)
    Begin on new page
    Type the word “References” in upper and lowercase letters, centered at top of page.
    Double space all entries.
    Utilize hanging indent, in that the first line of each reference is flush left, and all other subsequent lines are indented.
    Will continue with page numbering from the text (and page header)
    See pp. 240-281 for examples of different types of reference entries.