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Experimental Psychology

What is the purpose of this course?
To familiarize you with basic methods in psychological research.

To help you understand how strategies of psychological research fit into larger frameworks of “knowing.”

To cultivate proper concern for accuracy and precision in lab work, ethics, and reporting.

To familiarize you with APA format.

To prepare you for your Senior Paper.

What will you learn?
How to criticize and interpret research.

How to conduct a comprehensive literature review.

How to formulate appropriate hypotheses.

How to design experiments.

How to determine appropriate methods for statistical analysis.

How to draw reasonable conclusions from the results.

How to write a research report in APA format.

About Me
Who am I? (background, research interests, view of research)

When/how can I be reached?
    Phone: 918-495-6536
    Office: GC 2C26
    Office hours:
        M 3:30-4:30
        T 10:45-12:00; 3:15-4:30
        W 3:30-4:30
        R 10:45-12:00; 3:15-4:30

What is my background/experience?

What is my perspective of teaching this class?

About This Class
Attendance Policy
    5 unexcused absences only
    Lateness or leaving early = absence

Participation/Makeup Work
    Participation requires attendance and fulfilling requirements of any lab activities.
    Any activities missed due to excused absences must be made up within 1 week.

Course Requirements: 3 exams (100 pts. each), 1 proposal (posted to eportfolio; 100 pts.), and class activity participation (100 pts.)

Behavioral Expectations
I will be communicating with you when necessary through your ORU email address. Please check it regularly!

Feedback and discussion on relevant topics is welcome!

ALWAYS respect your colleagues by refraining from talking while others (including me) have the floor and maintaining confidentiality.

Required Materials
The required text for this course is Psychologist as Detective, The: An Introduction to Conducting Research in Psychology, 4/E , by Smith / Davis

    Additional Readings
        Syllabus is located at and on my website (

        Reserve Articles: TBD

        American Psychological Association (2001). Publication manual of the American Psychological Association. (6th ed.). Washington, D. C.: author.

        Gravetter, F & Wallnau, L. (2007) Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences. (7th Ed.), Belmont, CA: Thompson.