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Exam III (Final) - Review

Experimental Psychology



Chapter 12 Experiments with Multiple Independent Variables (40 points)

            Structure of designs be able to identify DV; if given example, identify IVs and their levels

            Naming designs

            Main effects/Interaction effects identify and know importance of interaction effects

            Interpret graphs (parallel lines=no interaction, intersecting lines=interaction); interpret descriptive

                        tables of information

            Group assignment

            Statistic (F or t) = between groups/within groups for main effects and all interaction effects

            Two-way ANOVA (independent, correlated, and mixed samples) requires interval or ratio level of


            Synergistic effects what is a significant interaction?

            Computer output interpretation;


Chapter 13 Alternative Designs (20 points)

            Cause/effect relationship

            Pretest-posttest control group design know components and methods to ensure internal validity

            Solomon four-group design know components

            Posttest-only control-group design

            Single-case designs (A-B, A-B-A, and A-B-A-B designs) identify designs; know potential


            Quasi-experimental design vs. ex post facto

            Nonequivalent group design

            Interrupted time-series design be able to identify


Chapter 14 APA-formatted report

            Sections of a paper reporting an empirical study

            Importance of unbiased language

            Correct citation and reporting of references (2 authors; 3-5 authors)

            Running head

            Use of appendices

            Abstract; purpose and length

            Structure of title page

            Levels of heading