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Advanced Psychology Seminar

Group Presentation Assignment

You are to work within your group for this entire process.  Within the section you were assigned for your presentation, pick a focused topic.  For instance, if you are assigned to the “Death and Dying” section, you may choose “college student bereavement,” “how children deal with loss,” or “end of life decision making across cultures.”  Within this topic, you will teach the class on the assigned day of your presentation. 

To prepare, proceed through the following steps:


1. First, survey the scholarly literature to understand the most recent information in the form of research, theoretical formulations, and associated implications for practice. 

2. Second, use your review of research, theory, and practice to become informed of pertinent, “cutting edge” issues related to your topic. 

3. Third, develop your own perspectives of those issues based on the most recent information available.


For your presentation:


Integrate the information listed above into a coherent presentation.  In your presentation, you should include a review of what most recent scholarship has to say about the topic.  You should also facilitate discussion regarding those issues, making sure to present both sides (if perspectives are opposing).  Finally, present your own critical analysis of the information and your own informed opinion of the topic; if group members have not reached consensus, both should present her or his positions.  Make good use of examples, visual aids, and “hands-on” tools wherever appropriate.  A reference sheet in APA format (with at least 10 references) should be provided to the professor at the beginning of the presentation.


You will be graded according to the following:


10 pts.   Professionalism in speech, dress, etc. during the presentation

25 pts.   Coherent review of recent scholarship on the topic (including APA formatted reference page

                with at least 10 entries)


25 pts.   Facilitation of group discussion

25 pts.   Critical analysis of relevant issues

20 pts.   Use of visual aid and/or hands-on tools

20 pts.   Quality of the presentation (use of examples, response to questions, etc.)

125 pts. = Total