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Advanced Psychology Seminar


From now on, class will meet in GC 2C06!!!
What are we doing?
  A discussion of contemporary figures and topics in the areas of sensation and perception, cognition and complex human learning, human development and family studies, and/or the applied areas of industrial and educational psychology.
Prequisites: PSY 201, 305, and 322
What is the purpose?
  This course is intended to provide advanced study of several contemporary topics in the field of psychology.  Students will have an opportunity to integrate knowledge of various areas of psychology and utilize critical thinking skills to achieve a sophisticated awareness of several current issues.  Topics will include:
Death and dying
Family forms
You will learn to…
  Articulate key concepts in the field of death and dying, drawing on information from current research on end-of-life decision making, death perspectives, and grief/bereavement.
  Describe meaning associated with death in various religious/faith perspectives and cultures and how this influences grief/bereavement and end-of-life decisions.
  Discuss current political implications and current issues regarding end-of-life decisions.
  Describe various family forms, utilizing current research knowledge from human developmental and family studies perspectives.
  Articulate key issues in the current debates about various family forms, including the institution of marriage and singleness.
  Identify a topic of interest and access current literature to achieve understanding of the topic.
About Me
Who am I? (background, research interests, view of research)
When/how can I be reached?
Phone: 918-495-6536
Office: GC 2C26
Office hours:
M 3:30-4:30
T 10:45-12:00; 3:15-4:30
W 3:30-4:30
R 10:45-12:00; 3:15-4:30
What is my background/experience?
What is my perspective of teaching this class?
About This Class
  Attendance Policy
5 unexcused absences only
Lateness or leaving early = absence
  Participation/Makeup Work
Participation requires attendance and fulfilling requirements of any lab activities.
Any activities missed due to excused absences must be made up within 1 week.
  Course Requirements: 2 exams (100 pts. each), 1 project (125 pts.), and class participation and discussion (75 pts.) = 400 total points
Behavioral Expectations
I will be communicating with you when necessary through your ORU

 email address. Please check it regularly!

Feedback and discussion on relevant topics is welcome!
ALWAYS respect your colleagues by refraining from talking while

 others (including me) have the floor and maintaining confidentiality.

Required Materials
There is no required text for this class.
Instead, you will access a number of journal articles on various issues related to the two major topics for the class.
You must retrieve these via the links posted to the website and have them read (in depth and with a lens of critical analysis) before the class discussion.
See website for scheduled discussion topics and related articles.


Tentative Course Calendar

Week      Subject 

  1                          Introduction to course and policies

  2-7                      Unit 1:  Death and dying

  8                          Student presentation: Death and dying, mid-term review

  9                          Mid-term (over Unit 1); Begin Unit 2: Family Forms 

  10-15                  Unit 2: Family forms

  16                        Student presentation: Family forms, final exam review