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Section I: Family Forms

Directions: The following schedule contains discussion topics for each day of class.  After each class date you will find the topic and a link to the article we will be discussing that day.  In some cases, there is more than one article for the class discussion.  Obtain copies of all articles and have them read before corresponding class discussions.  Make sure to critically evaluate the methods, theory, arguments, and conclusions as you prepare for class.  (Where links are unavailable, reference entries are listed instead, and I will provide you with copies of those articles prior to that class day.) 


Week 9 (continued)

March 4: Introduction to Family Forms

            A conscious and inclusive family studies    

            Family vitality

Week 10

March 9: The current state of marriage



March 11: Promoting marriage    



Week 11

March 23: Singles in society

March 25: Together is better?

Week 12

March 30: Adapting to marriage?

April 1: Non-traditional families I

Week 13

April 6: Non-traditional families II

April 8: Sexuality: attachment and short-term mating

Week 14

April 13: Marital competence

April 15: Successful partnering

Week 15

April 20: Student presentation

April 22: Final Exam Review

Week 16

Final Exam: Family Forms