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Section I: Death and Dying

Directions: The following schedule contains discussion topics for each day of class.  After each class date you will find the topic and a link to the article we will be discussing that day.  In some cases, there is more than one article for the class discussion.  Obtain copies of all articles and have them read before corresponding class discussions.  Make sure to critically evaluate the methods, theory, arguments, and conclusions as you prepare for class.  (Where links are unavailable, reference entries are listed instead, and I will provide you with copies of those articles prior to that class day.) 


Week 1

January 7: Orientation

            What can we really expect from healthcare reform?

Week 2

January 12: Consulting physicians in euthanasia

January 14: Attitudes toward brain death

Week 3

January 19: Marginalized populations

                    Vitalism Revitalized

                    Cross-cultural research

January 21: Religious fundamentalism and faith-based medical refusals

Week 4

January 26: College students' attitudes of end-of-life decision making

Weiss, G., L., & Lupkin, L. N. (2009). First year college studentsí attitudes about end of life

decision making. Omega, Journal of Death and Dying, 60, 2, 143-163. doi:10.2190/OM.60.2.c

 January 28: Role of religion in death attitudes

 Week 5

 February 2: Fear of death

 February 4: Cross-cultural comparisons of death anxiety 


Week 6

February 9: Mourning and meaning

Neimeyer, R. A., Prigerson, H. G., & Davies, B. (2002). Mourning and meaning. American Behavioral Scientist, 46(2), 235-251. doi:10.1177/000276402236676

 February 11: Cross-cultural perspectives of the meaning of death

 Walker, A. C. (2009). Muscogee Creek spirituality and meaning of death. Omega, Journal of Death and Dying, 59, 129-146. doi:10.2190/OM.59.2.c

 Week 7

 February 16: Re-constructing meaning after a death loss 

February 18: Making sense of loss; meaning making at the end of life 

Week 8 

February 23: Student presentation

 February 25: Mid-term review

 Week 9

 March 2: Mid-Term Exam: Death and Dying